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Sports, music and business writer

I specialize in sports, music and business, ranging from using social media to personal finance and wellness.

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Tacky e1406568520152 article

How Weird Al Rocked The Social Media World To Reach #1 On The Charts

After more than 35 years, Weird Al is still making records. One reason for his longevity? An amazing ability to adapt to the rapidly changing online world.

Gettyimages 470272548 article

The Very Silly Way "Mony Mony" Got Its Name And Became A Megahit

With one of the most recognizable drum beats and organ parts in rock music history, and a catchy chorus that anyone can sing along to, Mony Mony is a megahit with a delightfully random backstory.

Vick e1419018160669 article

Michael Vick Is On The Verge Of A Comeback Nobody Could Have Predicted

Michael Vick was at one point earning just 12 cents an hour. Here's how he battled back to pay off nearly $18 million in debt.

Plane article

How Much Would You Pay To Have Unlimited Flights Around The ...

A look into one of the most extravagant promotions of all-time.

Lebron article

LeBron James Has Now Officially Earned $500 Million In His Career. Here's How He Did It…

LeBron James returned home this summer, rejoining the Cleveland Cavaliers after four years–and four straight Finals appearances–in Miami. The destination wasn't a huge surprise, but the contract certainly was...

Bow wow lottery2 article

Rappers Who Have Had Serious Money Problems | Celebrity Net ...

Rappers Who Have Had Serious Money Problems | Celeb...

Open uri20140417 21178 ats1ij article

Warren Buffett Will Give $1 Billion To Anyone Who Fills Out A Perfect NCAA Bracket

Do you love college basketball? Are you looking for a way to earn a few extra dollars this month? Well then do we have a deal for you! World famous in......

Matt ryan e1410247109883 article

Everything You Need To Know From Week 1 Of The NFL Season

Everything You Need To Know From Week 1 Of The NFL ...

Kobe e1425063191673 article

Which NBA Players Have Made The Most Money During Their Careers? | Celebrity Net Worth

Which NBA Players Have Made The Most Money During T...

Open uri20140417 21178 1bphwbi article

How Eminem Escaped The Trailer Park And Became One Of The Biggest Stars Of All Time

He's the best selling artist of the 2000s. Ten of his albums have reached the #1 spot of the Billboard Top 200. Rolling Stone named him "The King of H......

Open uri20140417 21178 k46n0d article

Dolla Dolla Bill Y'All: Wu-Tang Clan's Unique Plan To Make Money Off Their New Album

Wu-Tang Clan is one of the most successful hip-hop groups of all-time. They're constantly mentioned in conversations on the best rap groups ever, and ......

Open uri20140417 21178 1l0pj48 article

Nothin' But (Negative) Net: 10 NBA Players Who Are Terrible With Money

According to a shocking report compiled by Sports Illustrated, a staggering 60% of all NBA players a flat broke within just five years of retiring. Le......

Nyc e1414972769490 article

The Worst Prime-Time Shows Of The Century | Celebrity Net Worth

The Worst Prime-Time Shows Of The Century | Celebri...

Open uri20140417 21178 1j26glb article

The Best Fantasy Football Bargains Based On Actual Salaries

In most cases there is usually a pretty clear difference between real life and the fantasy world. However, with fantasy football those lines can get q......

Open uri20140417 21178 1gn8k9a article

The 11 Most Overpaid Players In The NBA

You may not know this, but playing in the NBA is quite lucrative. Not only are NBA salaries some of the largest in the sports world, but they are all ......